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Education Provides Unlimited Opportunities

360 Wellness Education 

360 Wellness Education is committed to providing advanced education that focuses on critical skills and insight that go beyond simply showcasing a specific technique or skill. The foundation of the education includes establishing a strong business foundation, proper body mechanics and selfcare techniques to ensure longevity within one’s career, and technique breakdown to ensure proper and profitable practice. We’ve created a growing library of continuing education on-demand courses and live streaming workshops to help you increase your knowledge, communicate with your customers, and thrive in the rapidly evolving beauty and wellness industry.

On-Demand Courses

Grow your knowledge and your business with these comprehensive courses that take a deep dive into various techniques, services, marketing education, and more.

Education at your Fingertips

We at 360 Wellness Education offer many different types of education. From live-streaming to on demand courses to webinars, what ever your need for online learning we can accommodate it.


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